Learnin’ from the Kids. Who knew?

I know as a parent you are supposed to be this great teacher and source of wisdom for your kids. I even do that stuff sometimes. While I would love if my kids became doctors or firefighters or Oprah, I really just want them to be contributing members of society. I mean, if The Destroyer’s love of arguing doesn’t lead him to passing the bar, maybe his knack for destruction will lead him to a career as a demolition contractor. (And, no, I have not told him that a career blowing things up is a thing.)

However, as I travel the long, hot, dusty, road that is parenting, I find that I learn from them too. Sometimes what I learn is quite profound, others not so much. For example:

The Destroyer has taught me that-

  • Anything can be broken.  ANYTHING.
  • It is possible to go through five computers in one year.
  • Uncontrollable, rolling on the floor laughter is great.
  • How much fun burping contests are.  I’m really good at it.
  • You’re never too big to cuddle with Mom.
  • Pimples don’t have to be important.

From Wondergirl:

  • Nothing can stop me if I don’t want it to.
  • How to Hula Hoop.
  • Thumb-sucking is an addiction.  (Her diagnosis of her own condition.)
  • It’s okay to think I’m pretty great.  It’s okay to brag about it, too.
  • Nobody bullies me.
  • Food is better when you plate it.  (She’s really good at this.  You should see how pretty she can make a ham sandwich, sliced apples, and string cheese look.)

Kid Sensation. Okay, so I get a bit choked up with this one because I have learned so much from him. Having to live with his developmental disabilities has sometimes led to not just aha! moments, but full-on revelations. Kid Sensation’s way of thinking is completely different from anyone I have ever met.

  • If I’m quiet enough, people will eventually leave me alone. (Difficult for someone who talks as much as I do.)
  • Sometimes there’s nothing else to do but freak out, and that is okay. I might just feel better afterward.
I do this sometimes. Lightening and all.
  • Don’t always explain yourself.  People will eventually come to a conclusion about why you do what you do. They may even come to the right conclusion.
  • You can fantasize about murdering a train.  (You, Thomas.  It’s you I hate.)
  • It’s possible for someone to put their shoes on the wrong foot 100% of the time.
  • Puppy dog eyes really do work.  I tried it at the bank, and the girl kept her window open for me.

I am certain I will learn so much more over the years. Some of those things I am truly afraid of. Like where The Destroyer is getting his boob pictures from now that I am the Internet Gestapo. Or where Wondergirl buries her dead.


Image courtesy of marvelheroes.com


6 thoughts on “Learnin’ from the Kids. Who knew?

  1. Wow! I really love this! I’ve also learned so much from my kiddos, and am still learning – and like you, I especially learn from the one with developmental issues. Thanks for sharing this perspective!

    1. Thanks for reading! Seriously, that last kid makes me feel like I know nothing sometimes. Especially when he gives me the “you know nothing” look.

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