Too Lazy for, well, everything really.

I’ll admit it.   Mid-summer makes me lax.  I mean, I’m a slacker mom on my BEST day, but  July rolls around and I’ve been looking at these people for a month straight. I  pretty much give up on life, and it turns my usual laziness into an art form.  I’m looking at Kid Sensation right now.  He’s watching Thomas, his shoes are on the wrong feet, and he’s wearing a tie.  Normally, the shoes, at least would bug me.  Probably the tie, too.  But right now, I am too lazy to try to care.

Me. From Independence Day to Labor Day.

I don’t mind being lazy, but these past few days I have caught myself doing things that non-summer-lazy me would never do. My mother would be so ashamed.

I re-washed a load of laundry because I didn’t feel like putting it in the dryer. Putting clothes in the dryer requires slight bending at the waist, and who feels like doing that? Not this chick, not this day.

I watched two hours of judge shows because the remote was on the other side of the room and I didn’t even feel like calling one of the kids downstairs to bring it to me. Divorce Court is actually kind of entertaining.

I starved because I didn’t feel like driving to the drive-thru. The kids ate PBJ, but I didn’t feel like making one of those, either. Actually, that’s not true. I didn’t starve. I ate a slice of deli meat for lunch instead of making a whole sandwich.

I wore flip-flops with sweat pants so I didn’t have to tie my shoes. And I wore said sweat pants in 90-degree weather to avoid shaving my legs. The legs that I only shave to the knee in the first place.

When I did wear my sneakers, I made Wondergirl tie them.

I got irritated because I had to enter my passcode to call my husband. Then I was too lazy to leave a message when he didn’t pick up.

I left a passive-aggressive note to my kids that read “!”. That was the entire note. I’m pretty sure they go the gist of what I was trying to say, though.

I froze because the nearest blanket was behind the chair. Pretending not to be cold took some effort, though.

I laid in bed until my husband got up so I wouldn’t have to make coffee. Even though I was the one who drank the last cup.

I let the kids watch two movies in a row to avoid parenting for three hours.

Oh, and I blog instead of doing housework of any kind.

What’s your summertime lazy?





5 thoughts on “Too Lazy for, well, everything really.

  1. Lately it’s been watching Orange is the New Black show on Netflix and perpetually starting a novel which consists of taking three weeks to subscribe to Microsoft Office.

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