Sing it. Part I.

Every once in a while, the planets align just right and I get to be in car alone.  Which means I get to listen to the music I want without someone saying that “this is for old people”.  By the way, when did Soundgarden and Outkast become “for old people”?  My kids have no taste.

So that made me think of my favorite song lyrics.  Like every other person on the planet, what I listen to is dictated by my mood.  Bad mood? Tool, all the way.  Horrible mood? DMX.  Great mood?  Big Boi from Outkast or Metallica.  Cleaning mood? Old R and B.  So on and so forth.  And sometimes it just comes down to the lyrics:

1) “I’m trying to stay sucka-free

but look where all the suckas be

can’t get out from under me” –Otis remix, DMX

This one is for when I’m annoyed by the general population. 

2) “I smell sex and candy” — Sex anc Candy, Marcy Playground.

Two awesome things make a good mood better.

3) “Move your body up and down

     Make your booty touch the ground” — Bootylicious, Destiny’s Child.

Okay, so this entire post could consist of Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child quotes.  But Bootylicious makes me feel sexy and fun.

4)  “Some say the end is near

      Some say we’ll see Armageddon soon

      Certainly hope we will

       I sure could use a vacation” –Aenema, Tool

If you’ve ever had to deal with idiots on a full time basis, this really needs no explanation. Especially if you’ve worked customer service.

5)  “So when you say that you need me

       That you’ll never leave me

       I know you’re wrong

       You’re not that strong

       Let me go”  –One More Try, George Michael

This is for when I’m already in my feelings anyway and I’m walking around the house being pitiful.  This adds the right amount of “everyone is against me” to “I can’t have anything” which adds up to me feeling sorry for myself until I can find some salty, fried potatoes.

My face pre-French fries.
My face pre-French fries.

6) “Well, whatever, never mind.” Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nirvana. 

This line is basically how I feel about everything the rest of the time.

What about you?  Please share.

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