Not a whole lot going on over here.

Hey, you guys!  I missed you, did you miss me?  Awww, stop it, you’re making me blush.  Oh, I thought you were talking to me.  Well, I will just have to pretend.

Football season is done vampiring our lives. (If vampiring isn’t a word, it should be.)Now we release the Kraken: wrestling season.  I don’t know how Mama Prime does it with two of them. Maybe she’s sedated and if so, she really should share.  Hints, Mama Prime.  Hints.

Speaking of the Primes, a while ago, Omega happened to mention that he gave a kid a ticket for jaywalking while he was doing safety patrol.  We all thought that was a cute way for the school to teach kids how to safely cross the street.  Papa Prime then asks Omega, “So, what, they give you guys little papers or something to give out?”

Omega says, “Nope.  I made them myself.”

Just to be clear:  This ten-year-old kid made a bunch of tickets at home to give out while he has on a yellow vest and holding an orange flag to enforce Safety Patrol Justice.  And the offending jaywalker was in kindergarten.  Omega is out here putting the fear in these kids.  It’s about to get real in these streets crosswalks. I told Mama Prime he’s going to be the Chief of Police.  Which is good for when he marries Wondergirl. He can help her with any problems that arise.  And by “problems” I mean “remains of her enemies and people who happened to offend her”.

They're gonna be like this.  Except Storm is a villain and her hair is mad curly.  Also, the Big Man wouldn't let her wear this.
They’re gonna be like this. Except Storm is a villain and her hair is mad curly. Also, the Big Man wouldn’t let her wear this.

Oh, and we got a German Shepherd puppy.  I guess the fam felt like I needed someone to talk to during the day.  And clean up after. And boss around. Correction–someone else to clean up after and boss around.  Cause that’s my idea of a good time.  Anyway, his name is Jack and so far he’s been the easiest member of my family to housebreak.  He’s sleeping next to me right now due to his exhaustion from fighting with a pot.  It was pretty intense.

Anyway, I just wanted to chat for a sec.  Now, I’ve got to take the dog out.

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